Director / Cinematographer / Editor / Writer

Nathan Mauger has shot for over a dozen National Geographic and Discovery Channel documentaries in China, as well as for CNN, BBC, PBS, ESPN, CBS News, CNBC, and FOX. He has lived in China for sixteen years and speaks fluent Mandarin.

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Connie Young is a Hong Kong-based producer specializing in economic policy and its impact on society in Asia. She is a former CBS News producer for China, and her work can also be seen on CNN, CNBC, the Associated Press, and other broadcasters.

Producer / Writer

Joe Xu is a PhD student at UW-Madison researching Chinese media. As a Beijing-based journalist he has worked for CBS News and NPR. He is also a founding member of one of the most popular websites on Chinese online culture,

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Music / Sound Design

Philipp Mandelartz composes music for film, television and advertising. He is also a post-production sound designer, and owns and operates Meiwenti Studios in Berlin. He previously worked in the television industry in China.

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